Core Business Services Overview

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    Strategic Communications

    Building a compelling strategy that is aligned to clients’ goals and objectives requires research, market intelligence and...
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    Influencer Relations

    Through research and engagement with multiple audiences, we know who the movers and shakers are in the...
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    Media Relations

    Over the years, we have developed excellent relationships with producers, editors, reporters and writers on the local,...
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    Social Media

    The power of social media has permeated every aspect of commerce as well as personal lives. In...
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    Blogger Outreach

    Blogger outreach has become an important media function. Niche bloggers are powerful influences who leverage audiences; build...
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    Crisis/Issue Management

    Our crisis management strengths lie in our ability to integrate crisis planning in our clients’ communication campaigns....

Main Services



Campaigns that focus on

engaging and fostering a proactive, dynamic interaction with brand stakeholders.  Our staff is experienced at creating a brand value that crystallizes purchasing decisions in the minds of multiple stakeholders. This process of engagement and continuous interaction turns stakeholders into unparalleled brand ambassadors.



in order to

be able to connect with the intended audience. This strategic approach enables us to communicate the right message to the intended consumer and deliver results. Our team of experts ascertains that marketing strategies reflect the feelings, values, preferences and perceptions of the target audience.


Drive Results


by understanding the multiple influences that can impact purchasing decisions and tailoring marketing strategies to fulfill the needs of consumers, we achieve results for our clients.