Social Media

The power of social media has permeated every aspect of commerce as well as personal lives. In fact, social media has redefined human interaction and the way people selectively choose how to be influenced by advertising and publicity. Gone are the days when audiences passively received one-way news and information. Audiences are now in control of the message they want to receive and convey. They now have a chorus of voices that can influence others and drive behavior.  This new form of communication is known as participatory media. The creation of Facebook, Twitter, blogs, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and many other social-media platforms has revolutionized the way people engage in conversation with each other.

At MRD, our team has helped clients become leaders in the digital and viral space. We have developed relationships with bloggers who can drive behavior and move people to act in a short period of time. In addition, MRD designs social-media programs that can direct traffic to your website and launch or re-position a brand by using Facebook, Twitter and other platforms in a creative and unique manner.