Crisis/Issue Management

Our crisis management strengths lie in our ability to integrate crisis planning in our clients’ communication campaigns. We help our clients recognize potential minefields and customize a strategic, comprehensive approach to deal with issues before they metastasize into crises. We conduct thorough research to understand our clients’ strengths and vulnerabilities from the outset and develop potential scenarios, rapid responses and messages to deal with potential sources of crisis.

In difficult times, our team keeps around-the-clock vigilance and monitors second-by-second issues as they evolve. We lend our expertise to our clients, their stakeholders, influencers and the media to help them work through issues, provide open, timely and transparent responses and keep their reputation intact. MRD customizes integrated communication plans using best practices across the board.

Our team has helped clients through accidents, deaths, brand assaults and public policy outcry. In each situation, we have counseled our clients; responded in real time; led them to a prompt and effective resolution of the crises; and assisted in rebuilding or reinforcing their brands and corporate reputation. We use a wide range of tactics including social and traditional media, media training, internal communications, risk assessment and management, litigation support, influencer relations and government relations.