About Us

Founded more than 22 years ago by its president, Margarita Rohaidy Delgado, MRD Consulting is a full-service, award-winning public relations, digital and social-media communication boutique. Our firm counts with more than two decades of successes in achieving clients’ goals and expectations.  At MRD, we recognize that the communication business has changed dramatically over the past few years and we have seized this opportunity to position our clients and their brands prominently in the digital and viral space.

Our social-media marketing program has joined the conversations, grown engagement and helped us listen to the voices of those we seek to influence. We believe that our success lies in keeping ahead of industry trends, having a clear understanding of our clients’ objectives and sharpening our skills to customize unique campaigns that translate into results.

The MRD team has told the story of many of our clients in deeds, words and images. These stories have built the expression of their brands and cemented their heritage in people’s minds.

Our media outreach program has delivered our clients’ news through social and traditional media to a wide range of audiences.  Our team customizes public relations and marketing campaigns that drive traffic to websites, grow social-media engagement, influence opinions and behavior, increase brand awareness and create the buzz across multiple audiences.