Influencer Relations


There is no doubt that social media has dramatically changed the way we communicate. Nowadays, we can deliver messages through a wide range of social-networking sites to engage new audiences, expand market share and position brands in the digital space. At MRD, we build relationships and partner with niche bloggers, as key influencers, to foster conversations with millions of people, and shape attitudes.

Brand Identity Development

targeted campaigns

We use research to create a visual identity that builds bridges with its audiences. We design the blueprint that will be used consistently to drive all of the brand expressions and behavior. Our goal is to develop a brand personality that: is clearly aligned to the needs of the target audience; evokes positive emotions and perceptions; creates value; drives consumer purchasing behavior; and crystallizes customer loyalty.

Special Events

Special Event Planning & Execution

Weeks and months of careful planning and behind-the-scenes work go into each and every one of the events we organize. We create events that connect our clients with their audiences; create the buzz; and leave an everlasting impression in the minds and hearts of consumers.

MRD: Results-Driven Communication

Founded in 1990, MRD Consulting is a full-service, award-winning marketing-communication and social-media company. MRD customizes campaigns that bring brands to life in people’s minds, influence consumer behavior and drive target audiences to take action. All of these actions are geared toward generating results for our clients, providing significant return on investment and achieving measurable objectives.

Our Approach Creates…

  • Marketing

    Campaigns focus on engaging and...
  • Relevance

    in order to be able...
  • Drive

    Results by understanding the multiple...